To God Be the Glory: A Piano Celebration

Sanctuary ~ First United Methodist Church, 301 West 5th Street, London, KY

"A Piano Celebration: To God Be the Glory" will be hosted in our beautiful sanctuary on Sunday, Oct 13 @ 3:30 pm. Gifted pianists will be featured on a shining array of uplifting music. A String Trio of cello, viola, and violin will also appear, featuring internationally renowned cellist Nathan Jasinski. Peter Jasinski from Washington State will also perform. Peter is a splendid pianist who also shares his talents on viola in Seattle's Ensign Orchestra. Sherri George, a gifted pianist at First Methodist, and Suann Owens, beloved pianist at Locust Grove Christian, will also perform. Youth will also be featured on piano and strings. Light refreshments will follow the concert. Admission is free, and all are warmly welcome!